Engine Holder Collars

Zincate Engine Holder Collars

Engine Holder Collar made of 30 x 3 mm galvanized iron with 36 x 6 mm anti vibration rubber 3 mm thick, 12 x 70 mm screw with galvanized iron bushes and 12 MA nut.


Available sizes on stock

  • 113 mm
  • 125 mm
  • 152 mm
  • 169 mm
  • 191 mm

It's possible to have different sizes according to Customer's request.

Handmade production

As first step, the two components are cut depending on the size by a hydraulic press, then the two parts are managed separately.


In the bases are made the slots that will serve to fix the collar to the support and after that they are bent according to the measure to be realized.


The round section is provided with holes for the fixing screw and after bending, on a hydraulic press, the ending parts, re rounded off using a manual calender.


Then the two parts are assembled in three points by wire welding and the excess welding material is removed.


The anti vibration rubber is cut manually and it's completed with a double-sided tape.


After being galvanized the collars return to the firm and are assembled with the rubber, the screws, bushes and nuts.