Skills and experience

Officine Meccaniche Snc di Mosconi C. & C. was founded in 1980, with the name “Officine Meccaniche Gianfranco Ponti & C".

It's based in the metropolitan area of Milan, not far from the actual location.


Officine Mosconi (Mosconi Factory) is specialized in the production of brush holders for electrical DC engines that are utilized in a wide spectrum of traction and lifting devices such as forklifts, bridge-lifts, cranes, pallet movers, etc.


Over the years the production diversified to other mechanical and electromechanical devices such as: 

  • Frames for chandeliers
  • Joints and valves for water systems
  • Lift contacts
  • Small carpentry 
  • Devices based on custom drawings and projects

Always assuring the best quality of the final product with competitive prices.

In 1991 Officine Mosconi acquired another company and moved from its original location to a new structure. From there the factory last moved in 2005 when Officine Mosconi relocated to the current venue in Milan, via Adriano 49

In the meantime the nephew of one of the founders replaced him and the company changed its name to Officine Meccaniche SNC di Mosconi C. & C.


The core business however, is still the production of brush holders for DC Engines with Customers both in Italy and Internationally; different kinds of mechanical and electromechanical productions, as above described, are maintained as well.


The flexibility in the production and the capability to work small lots and samples make Officine Mosconi a extremely valuable supplier for small productions and spare parts.